It may be too early to talk about Alaska's race for governor, as the election is still three years away, but Anchorage's mayor said something last month that may raise some eyebrows. 

At the end of an interview about city issues, Mayor Ethan Berkowitz was asked if he would run for governor. Here is the exchange:

Ethan Berkowitz: Well that's a long ways away from here. I'm very happy doing the job that I'm doing and I'm going to do it as long as I can and as well as I can.

Joe Vigil:  Okay. I didn't hear a denial there.

Berkowitz: A lot of people have asked me about that question. And I just tell them it's way too early for me to make a decision like that.

Vigil: But you haven't said no. You did not say no, for the record.

Berkowitz: I did not say no.

Vigil: Ok.

Berkowitz: But I've not said yes either.

Vigil: Ok.


Berkowitz' second term ends in 2021. He can't run in the next election for mayor because of term limits, but could run again after sitting out a term. 

When asked if Gov. Mike Dunleavy plans to run again, his administration's communications director said it's premature to discuss the governor's future plans at this time.

"Governor Dunleavy is focused on fulfilling the priorities he set out when he took office," Jeff Turner said. "Making Alaska safer, creating a sustainable and affordable budget and growing the economy."

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