Cold air is setting in across the northern half of the state with most locations falling to the single digits, if not below zero. Further south it's a different story. Temperatures barely dipped low enough this weekend for record snow to fall and stick across Anchorage, but it came on a day with a record high temperature of 45°. 

Now, another storm is headed our way, bringing more warm air and moisture with it. For Southcentral and Southwest Alaska the timing is such that we'll see snow initially, but then as warmer air moves in, we'll see a transition to freezing rain.  

Closer to the storm, Bristol Bay is under an Ice Storm Warning for a similar set-up, only with more moisture. Areas north of Dillingham should expect 4 inches of snow, 0.2-0.4 inches of ice and wind gusts to 35 mph. 

Further north all of the moisture will stay as snow and the winds will be stronger. The Kuskokwim Delta, including Bethel, is under a Blizzard Warning for 4-12 inches of snow and wind gusts to 50 mph.

Eastern Norton Sound, the Nulato Hills, Yukon Delta, and Yukon Valley are under a Winter Storm Warning for moderate to heavy snow and blowing snow. Most areas will see 4-8" of snow along with wind gusts to 60 mph. For the Bering Straight Coast the biggest concern will be the wind. A High Wind Warning is in effect for wind gusts to 65 mph.
This storm will also spread snow and strong winds into Interior Alaska on Tuesday and Wednesday. A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect for the Upper Koyukuk Valley, Yukon Flats, Central Interior, Tanana Valley and Denali for 4-8" of snow in most areas and up to 12" of snow near Denali. Strong winds are also likely throughout the Interior, especially near the Alaska Range where up to 70 mph winds are possible.  

This storm will also impact Southeast, not with snow, but with heavy rain. Yakutat will likely see more than 5 inches of rain over the next 72 hours. 

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