CONTENT WARNING: This article contains information that some readers might find disturbing. Specific details about location and assault have been omitted to protect the victim's identity.

Police have arrested a woman believed to be the suspect in a kidnapping and assault.

The Anchorage Police Department initially named 25-year-old Nellie Serradell a person of interest in the kidnapping. She was later identified as the suspect and charged with multiple counts of kidnapping, assault, robbery, vehicle theft as well as first-degree sexual assault, penetration without consent.

APD said Serradell was considered armed and dangerous. According to APD spokesperson MJ Thim, Serradell was found in Spenard late Monday afternoon. A later release from police said while being taken for questioning, Serradell had a medical issue and was transported to the hospital for treatment.

She will be arrested when she is released.

Police stated two men, 55-year-old Lincoln F. Courville and 52-year-old Bryant K. Brown, were also arrested. After being questioned, the men have been charged with hindering the investigation.

"Both Courville and Brown were known associates of Serradell," APD stated. "As such, detectives had contacted them multiple times throughout this investigation regarding Serradell being wanted on felony charges. It has been determined that both men were with Serradell for several hours today before police were called."

Police said the woman also stole the victim's blue 2009 Saturn Vue SUV with Alaska license plate number JRE860. APD said Tuesday that officers located the vehicle. 

According to a community alert, APD received a report around 7 a.m. Sunday about a kidnapping in the Dimond Boulevard and C Street area involving two women.

APD said Serradell flagged down the 18-year-old victim, identified as A.B. in court documents, who was driving a blue 2009 Saturn Vue around 5:45 a.m. at the intersection.

A.B. told detectives she was on her way to work when she saw Serradell come onto the middle of Dimond Boulevard, appearing to want A.B.’s attention.

The criminal complaint says Serradell jumped onto the road, in front of A.B.’s vehicle. A.B. slammed on her brakes to avoid hitting Serradell. Court documents say Serradell began yelling for help and A.B. offered to drive her to her workplace. When they got there, Serradell told A.B. to drive across the parking lot. 

“At some point after they started driving, the suspect physically assaulted the victim and said she had a gun. The victim was kidnapped due to the threat of the gun and was told to continue to drive,” APD said.

Serradell told the victim to drive faster and then punched the victim in the face multiple times, the criminal complaint says.

Serradell demanded A.B. to drive to a house in the Muldoon area, where Serradell claimed she lived. While en route to the location, Serradell began groping the victim while they drove.

When they arrived in the Muldoon neighborhood, the victim says Serradell directed her to park in front of a trailer and turn off the car.

The court documents say Serradell then sexually assaulted A.B. To get Serradell to stop, the victim offered her money. Serradell said to find an ATM and demanded A.B. to drive.

The criminal complaint says Serradell continued physically assaulting A.B. as she drove to several locations around Muldoon, Bartlett High School’s driveway, downtown and Spenard.

The victim told detectives Serradell began to fall asleep during their drive.

Between 6:30 and 7 a.m., APD says A.B. pulled into the Shell gas station on East 15th Avenue. Serradell was asleep and A.B. quietly got out of the car, went inside the gas station and called 911.

The victim says while she was on the phone, Serradell drove off with the car with her belongings — including an iPhone that Serradell forced A.B. to reset.

Just before 4 p.m. APD dispatch received a call from someone who said they were with Serradell and that she wanted to turn herself in. Police responded to a hotel on Spenard Road and arrested Serradell without incident.

Anchorage police say there is no indication that Serradell and the victim knew each other.

According to court documents, Serradell has three prior assault convictions dating back to 2014.


Surveillance photo from kidnapping investigation. (Courtesy: Anchorage Police Department)

APD also says they are looking for a witness that was driving a light-colored SUV with snow on its roof at the Dimond and Arctic Boulevard intersection. Police say the witness made contact with Serradell before she was picked up by the victim.

According to the criminal complaint, there were two separate calls made by people who encountered Serradell early Sunday morning. One caller contacted police dispatch around 4:45 a.m. to report a vehicle in the ditch at Dimond and Arctic. The caller told police the car was being driven by a woman who told the caller not to contact APD. An officer responded to the scene and contacted the car’s registered owner who said Nellie Serradell had been driving his vehicle.

At 5:29 a.m., APD received a call from someone who said there was a suspicious woman outside of their home asking for help. APD says the caller refused to let the woman in. The officer who responded to the call didn’t find the woman but followed footprints that led to Dimond Boulevard.

Surveillance video shows Serradell attempted to stop multiple vehicles on Dimond between Arctic Boulevard and C Street the morning of Nov. 17 before the kidnapping took place. APD detectives are asking any of those witnesses to contact dispatch at 311.

Anyone with information, including surveillance video, is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 907-561-STOP.

If you or someone you know has been a victim of sexual assault, resources are available on the Standing Together Against Rape (STAR) website or by calling the statewide crisis hotline at (800) 478-8999.

Editor's note: This article has been updated to include additional information from court documents.

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