Fish and Game biologist Dave Battle said a wolverine that’s taken to attacking domestic animals in South Anchorage is a first for him.

“It’s more than kind of weird. It’s not happened in my experience that a wolverine comes into an urban neighborhood and starts killing chickens and going after cats,” he said.

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game on Wednesday issued a Wildlife Alert for neighborhoods near Elmore Road, especially between Dowling and O’Malley roads where the wolverine has been spotted more than once.

Users of's Neighbors app have posted videos of a wolverine: in a driveway on Nov. 10, in another yard that same night, and prowling around a home near O'Malley and Elmore roads early Friday morning.

Battle said they’ve gotten several reports of attacks on domestic animals, including:

  • Oct. 28 – A wolverine killed four chickens off O’Malley Road
  • Nov. 7 – A wolverine killed up to 10 rabbits at a home off Abbott Road
  • Nov. 10 – A wolverine attacked a cat named Lenny, who survived, at a home off Elmore and 68th
  • Nov. 13 – A wolverine approached cats in the Rabbit Creek area but was chased off by the owner
Lenny the cat survived a wolverine attack

Battle said he isn’t worried about the wolverine attacking people. There’s never been a documented case of that, but he said people should definitely keep an eye on their pets.

“We see this as more of a concern for domestic animals like cats and chickens and rabbits. The wolverine has proven it will go after those,” he said. “I don’t really look for it to start going after people so we don’t really consider it a public safety threat to humans.”

Battle said Fish and Game has no plans to actively search for the wolverine, but he added that it could be killed legally by someone defending life or property, which, by definition, includes domestic animals.

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