The state's largest solar farm is set to go online in Willow next month.

Renewable Independent Power Producers took two years to build the solar farm with more than 3,000 panels.

According to a release from the Alaska Energy Authority, that makes it nearly double the size of any other project like it in the state.

Renewable IPP CEO Jenn Miller said the utility-scale farm is expected to produce enough energy for 200 homes and offset 2 million pounds of carbon dioxide each year.

“Honestly out of the whole experience I’m most proud of is that we did create an economy and all the partners took turns coming out to install the solar farm this summer, working along side our employees,” Miller said. “It was extremely gratifying to know that we were helping create an economy and making a big difference.”

The farm will sell its energy to the Matanuska Electric Association at wholesale cost.

Nearly half of the $1.5 million cost came from the Alaska Energy Authority’s Project Power Fund loan program that helps utilities, governments or independent energy producers develop, expand or upgrade their facilities.

The rest of the project was funded by private investors.

Angela Krenzien and Bryan Dunagan contributed to this report.

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