Alaska State Troopers evicted about a dozen people who were squatting on a property in the Butte referred to as “The Compound.”

Neighbors in the area said it’s a day they’ve been waiting for.

“It feels good,” Mike Morrow said. “The first step is to get the illegals off, and we’ll work on cleanup.”

Troopers received a writ of assistance, which is a court order, from the property owners who are out of state.

Lt. Brent Johnson explained a writ of assistance “basically empowers law enforcement to take action that would normally not be within our normal purview, so like an eviction essentially.”

Troopers evicted the people without incident, and no one was arrested.

Neighbors said squatters have been a major issue on the land for years. The issue was the subject of a large community meeting with troopers and state representatives in October.

There are dozens of cars and campers scattered throughout the 7.5-acre property on Bodenburg Loop.

Johnson said nine Alaska State Troopers, wildlife troopers and judicial services officers were there to help with the eviction.

“Based on the size of the property we brought more manpower than we probably would. Safety is our number one concern both for us and the neighborhood — for even the folks that are here. We just want people to move on and not be here anymore,” Johnson said.

Johnson said the property owner and the court have given people a couple of weeks to remove all of their personal property from the area. The people have to be escorted in by neighbors, like Morrow, who’ve been designated as the troopers’ point of contact.

“We want to clean up the community, we want to get rid of the riffraff. We want to get the illegal activities cleaned up and make it a great place for people to live,” Morrow said.

Morrow and another neighbor moved barriers in front of the driveway and put up "No Trespassing" signs.

If residents see any activity at the Bodenburg compound they can call trooper dispatch at 352-5401. The case number for reference is 3PA-19-01967CI.

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