Tire changeover season is here and while many people are busy scheduling appointments, many others are trying to determine how much longer their current tires will last.

There's a minimum amount of tread that drivers will need: 4/32 of an inch.

"Your standard passenger tire when it is 30% worn, loses 70% of its initial traction," said Corey Buyser, a manager for a local Midas tire store. 

Buyser says higher-end tires like Firestone, Bridgestone and Michelin don't lose as much traction. 

"At two-thirty-seconds [of an inch] is where you hit the wear bars," Buyser said. "The wear bars mean that you are done. That tire should be replaced because you're going to have troubles in dry weather, wet weather, in any kind of weather." 

The wear bars are are outward grooves in the tire, found every 18 inches, that span all the way across the tread.

Buyser says there is an easy way to check the tread of your tires by using a quarter. 

Take a standard U.S. quarter and with the head facing up, place it in the groove of the tire. If tread covers George Washington's neck, the tire's tread is at or above 4/32 of an inch and you should be good for the season.

If it's not covered, that's when you'd want to start thinking about new tires, Buyser said. More tread is always better and winter tires are designed for the season.

Buyser says if you do need new tires, now is the time to buy during various store tire sales. 

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