Have you experienced the disappointment of expecting a package that didn’t show up only to realize it was probably stolen? If your instinct is to file a police report, that may not be necessary.

Anchorage Police Department spokeswoman Renee Oistad said if you need a report for an insurance claim or have immediate suspect information, you should call dispatch. But if not, you can report stolen mail and packages to the U.S. Postal Inspection Service by calling 1-877-876-2455.

U.S. Postal Inspector Jacob Gholson said it can help tremendously if you know when your package was expected to arrive. He recommends a free app called Informed Delivery — run by the U.S. Postal Service — that will show you what mail is coming and when it gets delivered.

“If you get home and it’s not there you can tell us immediately then, 'hey, my package coming from such and such company was stolen, it was delivered at this time, or it was delivered today and then we don’t see it,'" Gholson said. "That also goes for anything in their regular mailbox as well, bills, checks, credit card statements with convenience checks as well.”

Gholson said postal inspectors are concerned with catching people stealing mail and pressing criminal charges but when it comes to getting a refund or replacement they don’t get involved.

A package insured by the Postal Service is covered for breakage or loss but not theft. If you are looking for money back or a replacement, you’ll need to contact the sender or the seller.

Here is how to get in touch with some of the biggest names in the business:

Contact Amazon

An Amazon representative said the company has customer service help available 24/7 who will work directly with customers to help make it right. If you have a problem with items sold and fulfilled by a third-party seller, you can request a refund.

Contact FedEx

You can track packages, redirect packages and request vacation holds through FedEx Delivery Manager to try and prevent your packages from beings stolen. However, if something does happen to your package, you can file a claim online.

Contact UPS

UPS also has a tracking service called UPS My Choice where customers can reschedule deliveries as well as get delivery alerts. If your package hasn't been delivered within 24 hours after the expected delivery date and time, you can file a claim online.

In every case, the more documentation you have the better your chances of getting a refund or replacement. Keep receipts, tracking information and anything else that could help bolster your claim.

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