Package theft is an issue in the nation and Alaska as many people shop online. As Black Friday and Cyber Monday approach, the number of packages stolen from doorsteps is likely to rise.

C+R Research, a market research company in Chicago, surveyed 2,000 consumers who had shopped online in the last year to learn how they’ve been affected by porch pirates.

On average the respondents received 45 packages.

The firm found 92% of people who responded said they expected to order online for the holiday season. Additionally, 54% say they're fearful of getting their packages stolen and 42% say they won't buy expensive items online because of that fear. 

According to C+R’s research, about a third of Americans have dealt with package theft in the last year. More than half of respondents said they know someone who has had a package stolen and 31% said a neighbor had been affected.

The survey shows 78% of respondents said they’d had a package stolen once or twice. The average cost to replace a stolen item was $109.

To deal with the thefts after the fact, 83% reported they contacted the seller or retailer and 60% contacted the delivery service. Of the respondents, 48% reported they checked with neighbors and 7% viewed surveillance camera footage. Only 13% said they called police.

Most consumers haven’t let porch pirates deter them. Of the theft victims, 44% purchased a doorbell camera or other type of camera.

To combat the problem during the holiday season, half of the respondents said they would stay home when expecting packages, 32% said they will shop in stores and 31% said in-store pick-up would be their choice. About a quarter of people said they would have their packages sent to their place of work.

If you have a package stolen, police say you can report it if you need a report for an insurance claim or have immediate suspect information. If not, you can report stolen mail and packages to the U.S. Postal Inspection Service by calling 1-877-876-2455.

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