A late season brown bear was shot and killed in Eagle River after getting into a homeowner's chicken coop. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game says some chickens were killed.

Alaska State Troopers responded to the incident. 

According to troopers spokesperson Ken Marsh, the homeowner was woken up early Wednesday morning by "a ruckus" before they shot and killed the bear. 

Fish and Game says this was done in defense of life and property.

The homeowner was apparently in the process of setting up some bear deterrents around the coop, like an electric fence, but the bear got to the coop first. 

In early November, Fish and Game got reports of bears in the area. Fish and Game biologist Dave Battle was unable to confirm if the bear killed Wednesday was one of those. 

"We always have a few brown bears that are out and awake into November," Battle said "But this one did have chickens on its menu."

Battle went on to say this isn't too unusual of sighting. If there is still a viable and reliable food source for them, bears will continue to eat and delay going into hibernation for as long as possible, he said. 

Marsh says the skull and hide will be harvested. The hide will likely be auctioned off during Fur Rendezvous. 

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