Community members are coming together to help a small business owner after her dog passed away.

Taylor Jordan owns Black Birch Books in Wasilla. Her shop dog, Grimm, was well known to customers and often read books with children.

“He’d lay there and look through the pictures with them all. Then eventually if he liked the book he would flop his head down and he would start taking a nap. So kids would read him to sleep,” she said.

(Taylor Jordan and her shop dog Grimm in January 2019.)

Over the weekend, Jordan said a veterinarian discovered Grimm had advanced stage cancer and she was forced to make the tough decision to say goodbye.

“He was a champion until the end. He was a dog with a lot of good fortitude,” she said.

Grimm’s medical care left her with a large bill and she had to use next month’s bookstore rent to cover the costs. She started an online fundraiser that has so far raised more than $1,400.

“I can’t even tell you how much it means to me to have people support like this,” Jordan said. “I’m just a small business owner and it’s just me and then it was me and my dog. Well, now it’s just me. So it means a lot to have people stepping up and helping out any way they can.”

Any money donated to Jordan's GoFundMe page will go towards rent costs. She plans to do a dog treat drive in Grimm’s honor over the holidays.

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