Records are meant to be broken, but there's a new unbeaten trend happening in Anchorage that some Alaskans hope will stop.

Fall 2019 will likely close out as Anchorage’s warmest on record.

“I've had enough Novembers to know that I’m usually out cross-country skiing by now,” Kelly McCann Pasch said while playing with her daughter at the playground near Westchester Lagoon.

McCann Pasch and others enjoying the weekend sunshine call the weather “weird."

“Everyone in Chicago is complaining about how it's too cold and everyone up here is complaining about how it’s too warm. So it’s kind of funny,” Brian Miller said while strolling the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail.

“I don't know how to dress myself; nothing seems right,” lifelong Anchorage resident Kelly West said.

Every day this month, Anchorage has seen temperatures at least 10 degrees warmer than average. Because of the warmth, the KTVA weather team says Anchorage is in a snow drought.

Like many others in Alaska’s largest city, Patricia O’Gorman would like to see a change.

“Good snow, dry snow for cross-country skiing that's what we are hoping for,” O’Gorman said.

Only two-tenths of an inch of snow has been recorded this fall in Anchorage, and that happened back on Oct. 16.

“I honestly, I don't even remember that,” Anchorage resident Raechel McCleskey said. “I was probably at work when it snowed and by the time I left it melted.”

While there have been years in the past where snow is missing this late in the year, Anchorage should have already recorded a foot of snow. Instead, just green grass and warm temperatures remain. 

“I'm just thankful it’s not growing much so I don't have to mow my yard,” Miller said.

Typical snowfall this time of year measures near a foot. McCann Pasch says people from Anchorage adapt, adjust and hope for the best.

While it may be a while longer before we see snow fall from the sky, Alyeska Resort posted on Facebook this weekend that snowmaking equipment is being set up around the mountain, which is now closed to hiking and biking.

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