During the summer, the co-founders of Blue Market AK in Anchorage promoted and started their business in a large pop-up cart found at the Spenard Farmers Market.

At the farmer's market, co-founder Loren Gurkowski along with Jess Johnson and Jennifer Gordon would sell products in reusable or refillable containers. 

"The idea is to eliminate single-use packaging, so buy things that are unpackaged," Gurkowski said. 

The goal was to raise enough money to buy their own store. That dream soon came to fruition and on Saturday, Nov. 9, the business partners opened for what they called a soft opening. 

Customers are encouraged to bring their own reusable containers to fill up on lotions, shampoos and cleaning supplies — all made by local vendors, easy to use and some organic.

"The nice thing about this is you are paying by the ounce, so you can try an ounce at a time or fill a whole container up," Gurkowski said. 

The idea is to eliminate waste that goes to the landfill, most notably in the form of single-use plastic containers. Now, customers can reuse containers rather than toss them in the trash. 

Johnson says the pop-ups are a trial run before the holidays, and business will close for four to eight weeks during the winter and reopen with food options. 

"We're only open for pop-up hours," Johnson said. "We needed some extra time during the week to get everything else pulled together." 

Blue Market AK is located in Spenard at 1406 West 31st Avenue. They will be open Thursday through Saturday up until Christmas. 

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