It's been a foggy day across Southcentral and although fog briefly cleared out into the late afternoon hours, more is expected into the night. Thanks to a rather stout area of high pressure that has built in across the eastern Interior, clear skies have played a huge roll in fog formation the past several hours.

With clear skies in place, radiational cooling has been a key driver in our low temperatures through the night. This combined with light winds, allows for our temperatures to fall to near the dew point. With the recent wet stretch of weather we've seen, this is leading to some significantly reduced visibilities across the region along with slightly cooler conditions. 

With the same system still in place across the state, this will yield another night of seeing some foggy conditions. And with temperatures expected to quickly drop below freezing this could pose a problem for those heading out the door Sunday. Be mindful that black ice will be prevalent through the first half of the day in Anchorage, with areas along the Glenn likely seeing freezing road conditions and fog through most of the morning into the early afternoon. It's quite possible many areas could see visibility below 5 miles through the morning. 

Be mindful freezing fog is suspended in the air, and will only freeze when it comes in contact with an object below freezing. Because of this, you'll want to make sure you keep your defroster on so that your visibility is unobstructed. 

Once fog clears out of Southcentral, we'll see a few peaks of sunshine. However, expect more cloud coverage which will keep temperatures in the upper 30s through the day. 

Unfortunately, we look to remain on the warm side for the foreseeable future, with a minor chance for seeing a wintry mix Thursday into Friday. 

Have a great rest of your weekend!

-Meteorologist Aaron Morrison