A man has been indicted on more than a dozen charges after a shooting at The Gaslight Lounge that left a bar employee seriously injured, according to court documents.

Reynaldo Armstead, 27, appeared in court Thursday for an arraignment.  

The Anchorage Police Department wrote in a community alert that officers responded to the bar at 1:17 a.m. on Saturday, Oct. 26.

“Initial indications are that a group of patrons inside the bar got into a physical fight when one of the participants pulled out a handgun and began waving it around,” the alert reads.

An indictment filed Tuesday lists 10 felony charges: one count of first-degree attempted murder, three counts of first-degree assault, one count of attempted first-degree assault, one count of second-degree assault, one count of misconduct involving weapons, and three counts of third-degree assault.

A second indictment filed on Wednesday includes three misdemeanor charges of reckless endangerment and misconduct involving weapons.

According to a bail memo filed by the state, Anchorage police crossed paths with Armstead around Oct. 15, days before the shooting, when officers attempted a traffic stop near North Park Street and Parsons Avenue. The driver, who police have since identified as Armstead, sped through a neighborhood in a Chevy Tahoe at nearly 60 miles an hour, almost crashing into an APD patrol cruiser.

The driver, described as a black male with gold teeth, laughed at a police officer as he passed him, according to the document.

Police found the vehicle abandoned 15 minutes later, but officers were able to identify Armstead through a DMV photo and pictures posted on Facebook. A felony charge of failing to stop at the direction of an officer was filed on Oct. 22 and a warrant was issued for Armstead’s arrest.

Four days later, the bail memo states surveillance video from Gaslight shows a man wearing a sherbet colored Champion jumpsuit, later identified as Armstead, approach a group of men talking to a woman, who the document identifies as Armstead’s ex-girlfriend and the mother of his child.

Armstead pulled out a gun and held it at one man’s face, then turned around and pistol-whipped another man in the group, according to the document. Then, the first man Armstead pointed the gun at tried to take the gun from him.

“Armstead is seen tracking [the man’s] movement in a half-circle as [the man] tries to better position himself to stop Armstead. As [the man] is observed lunging for the gun, Armstead raises his arm and fires a shot toward [the man], missing him.”

As he fired the gun, the bail memo states a bar employee was climbing over the bar to try to stop the fight. The bullet hit the employee in the shoulder, passed through his chest cavity, severed his spine and is resting beneath a lung, according to the document. As of Nov. 5, the bail memo states, “the bullet had not yet been able to be removed.”

“The video further showed Armstead continuing to fight with multiple other people, often pointing the gun at them to get them to back away from him before leaving the bar as a crowd of people piled out the exits.”

According to the bail memo, a woman came forward to APD with Facebook messages between herself and Armstead’s ex-girlfriend.

“In the messages, the ex-girlfriend identified Armstead as the shooter. She indicated Armstead was angry because another male at the bar was talking to her.”

Witnesses reported seeing the suspect’s distinct gold “grill,” according to the document.

A review of Facebook photos by police showed Armstead has a gold grill on both his upper and lower teeth and another photo showed Armstead wearing the same memorable sherbet colored Champion sweat suit. He is also pictured associating with known gang members, according to the bail memo.

APD arrested Armstead in a taxi later that evening.

He appeared in court Thursday afternoon to be arraigned on the indicted charges and entered not guilty pleas on all counts. His bail is set at more than $100,000 cash.

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