Some drivers didn't want to stop when Anchorage police squad cars pulled behind them on Thursday at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson. With lights flashing and sirens blaring, drivers in front of police cars sped away and the chase was on.

Both cars swerved around corners and put the pedal to the metal as the chase continued. Police eventually caught up with speeding drivers after a couple minutes, but officers didn't write any citations or take anyone to jail.

The chases were all part of Emergency Vehicle Operation Course police training. Recruits are paired with instructors and get to practice their driving skills.

Anchorage Police Department Sgt. Darrell Evans said people in vehicles flee from police on a regular basis.

"Officers have to make a decision on the risk to the public and the crime that has been committed, or that the suspect has been committed, to make a determination whether or not they are going to purse that vehicle," he said.

Evans said drivers don't always know what to do when police approach from behind with lights and sirens on. Some drivers will simply stop in the middle of the road.

"If you can yield to the right. Get to the right. If you can't get to the right, if it's not safe to get there, then at least out of the roadway one way or the other so that the officers can safely pass through. But know that the officers generally are going to try and go around you to the left if they can," Evans said.

Anchorage police said they currently have 14 academy recruits set to graduate in December. The latest class would bring the department up to 428 sworn officers.

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