On Friday afternoon, loaded with 150 new books on science, technology, engineering and math and a $1,000 Staples gift card, staff from Continental Subaru in Anchorage, pulled into North Star Elementary School to surprise the Title I school with the gift of literature. 

"This is the very first time we've done this," said Continental Auto Group director of marketing and advertising Susan Hamilton.

And it was a hit with students and staff.

"We're just really excited, this is a great day for us," school librarian Rena Michaud said. "We desperately need new science books and up-to-date materials, so this is a blessing for us."

Sixth graders helped unload the boxes while first graders tried to control their excitement. 

Soon after the new books were unboxed, the first and sixth graders quickly huddled up and started to read them together.

"I think that having a book in their hands and being able to learn about technology is a great way," Michaud said. "Not everyone always has access online or has the devices to be able to use that. So, even just to be able to read about them and have the book at hand. A book can't lose power, a book doesn't need to be plugged in. You can always have your book available."

But books do go obsolete, so it’s good to have fresh ones with the latest information.

"We were just talking about Pluto today," principal Julie Sery said. "Pluto was a planet, then it wasn't a planet, then it was a dwarf planet.”

The donation from Subaru will help North Star students stay up to date.

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