Gov. Mike Dunleavy is on a trade mission to Japan, according to a Monday release from his communications office.

The governor is joined by first lady Rose Dunleavy, but his communications office would not say who else from the administration, if anyone, might have accompanied the two.

Dunleavy is promoting the state’s seafood and natural resources by meeting with leaders in the energy, minerals and seafood industries, the governor’s communications office said.

According to the state's international trade website, Japan is the state's second largest export partner behind China. The most recent analysis in 2017 said Alaska exported over $812 million worth of goods — most of it seafood. 

“Alaska has long and mutually beneficial business and cultural relationships with Japan – my goal is to strengthen our existing trade relationships and pursue new opportunities for investment,” Dunleavy said in a prepared statement. “When I say Alaska is open for business, that includes pursuing international opportunities in the Pacific Rim and elsewhere around the world. Alaska has so much to offer.” 

Dunleavy has several meetings planned, which include:

  • Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first delivery of liquefied natural gas to Japan and meeting with executives from Tokyo Gas.
  • Attending a breakfast meeting hosted by Lloyds Energy and Qilak LNG — two companies that are looking to advance a project that would ship LNG through Arctic shipping lanes on ice breakers.
  • Speaking at an Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute seafood trade luncheon and give interviews to seafood trade newspapers about Alaska’s sustainable and healthy wild seafood industry.
  • Touring Toyosu Smart Energy Center, a "cutting-edge redevelopment near Tokyo producing hot and cold water and steam from a high efficiency, environmentally friendly centralized plant to residential and business buildings in that area."
  • Meeting with representatives of DOWA Metals and Mining, a major investor in the proposed Palmer Project outside Haines that purchases ore concentrate from the Red Dog Mine in the Northwest Arctic region and the Greens Creek Mine on Admiralty Island.
  • An interview with Nikkei, a financial newspaper in Japan.

The communications office did not say how long Dunleavy will be in Japan.

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