After a long stretch of almost sweltery weather for much of Southcentral, temperatures will trend slightly closer to normal this week. It all starts with a little sunshine Monday afternoon. 

The fog that blanketed the weekend is all but gone. A few patchy areas of freezing fog lingered in the valley near Palmer and other low-lying areas started the day but northerly winds and less moisture will help clear things out. Even the clouds will start to break. 

By the afternoon, partly cloudy skies will offer more sun than we've seen in some time. Winds out of the north will keep temperatures cool through the day, we likely won't see 40 degrees on the thermometer in Anchorage. That would be the first time that happened so far this month. 

Temperatures will trend a little cooler this week compared to last week, but they are still looking to be about 5-10 degrees above normal. Even as clouds build back in on Tuesday, temperatures will stay close to 40 degrees.

Those clouds will bring the chance of light drizzle to the Anchorage bowl Tuesday. Not enough to amount to anything, hitting the windshield wipers a couple times will be about the extent of it. 

We will dry out Wednesday, then see the chance of showers again Thursday. 

Despite the sunshine to start the workweek, we won't see much more of it as the week presses on. The chances of precipitation stay rain as temperatures continue to trend well above normal. Even some of the long-range models are still favoring above-normal temperatures. 

If you are waiting on snow, you're not alone. Our normal high temperature this time of year should be below freezing! 

Happy Monday!
-Meteorologist Jeremy LaGoo