It's been almost a year since Pomeroy Lodging bought Alyeska Resort. The new owners aren't wasting time renovating and adding a few more bells and whistles to the ski area. 

Plans are in the works to renovate the lobby, common areas, restaurants and rooms. However, CEO Ryan Pomeroy says there is a much bigger addition making its way to Alyeska — a Nordic spa. 

"We feel like the resort is in pretty good shape, it's wonderfully recognized within the state," Pomeroy said. "But we also see the need to continue to prosper in Alyeska, we need to invest back into it."

Pomeroy says the spa is designed to take guests from a hot element like a sauna or hot tub, then into a cold element followed by relaxation and rest.

"What makes the Nordic slightly different is it's all based in nature, so all facilities will be outdoor for the most part," Pomeroy said. 

The spa will be built in the wooded area between the hotel and the tramway. Visitors will be dropped off and guided through the woods to reach the spa. On a walk to the area with marketing director Ben Napolitano, he pointed out where the planned facility would be within the ski resort.

"It's really cool to imagine sitting in a hot tub right next to these really tall hemlock and these tall spruce trees, seeing the top of the tramway, looking at terrain that you skied before," Napolitano said. 

Pomeroy says the upgrades are part of a plan to make people’s experiences at the resort more robust and better for different types of customers.

"Our DNA is simply to work through positioning and that's what we're planning to do here," Pomeroy said. "Renovations being one part of that positioning but also our service, delivery, service culture, expanding our offering.”

Groundbreaking for the spa is expected to start in the spring of 2020 but plans have not been finalized.

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