A blood drive on the University of Alaska Anchorage campus Thursday was held in the spirit of Halloween. Students dressed as vampires to help recruit donors to the Blood Bank of Alaska’s mobile collection unit parked on campus.

The blood drive was the brainchild of UAA professor Martha Amore who said she was looking for a community project that students in her Gothic Literature class could participate in.


“I thought 'Wow, it's fall semester. Halloween! We are gonna have the class on Halloween,” said Amore. “And I thought, since we are talking about monsters in the class and vampires, what a great idea to do a blood drive on Halloween. And the students liked the idea as well.”

Student Natasha Gamache helped recruit


Amore said about a dozen of her students participated, some more dressed-up than others. SiQuita Marshall, a community coordinator with the Blood Bank, said the vampire outreach seemed to be working.

“It’s a little fun, cutesy way to get people a little more motivated to come out,” said Marshall.

A steady stream of donors poured through the doors throughout the day.

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