When you think of Halloween, the mind may conjure images of candy, scary movies and costumes. But Halloween also provides an opportunity to engage with fellow members of the community.

If you're taking the trick-or-treaters out, consider making a stop at Prestige Care & Rehabilitation Center of Anchorage on the east side of town and having some fun with people who may not have the opportunity to interact with children very often.


“All of our residents, they get really excited you know," said Lynda McCarty, a nurse at Prestige. "Unfortunately some of our residents don’t get to see their own families or their own grandkids as often as they may like. They might live in another city or another village, maybe out of state.

"And that’s hard. Especially going into the holiday season.”

Prestige is considered a nursing care community, dedicated to patients in need of daily assistance.

“We have a little over 100 beds. We have six courts, or units," explained McCarty. "We do long-term care, we do a little bit of respite care. Rehabilitation, so if you’ve had maybe a hip surgery or knee surgery, you can come to us and get therapy to get strong and go home. We also do a little bit of hospice care.”

Every Halloween, Prestige opens its doors to trick-or-treaters. There are no tricks and nothing but treats for all involved.

McCarty says there are many important social and emotional benefits for the elders and children.

“Intergenerational interactions have actually been shown to decrease social isolation, and also increase self-esteem and overall well-being in our older adults," she said. "They also help to improve social and emotional skills in children and youth, so it’s good for our children to interact with our elders.”

McCarty said the elders and residents at Prestige have a few surprises planned for tonight, as they always look forward to passing out the candy and seeing the great costumes.

“Events like this really bring them joy, puts a great smile on their face," she said. "Everybody talks about it, ‘Oh did you see that little boy with in that cute little costume?’ They really love it and you can tell. They talk about it for days.”

The festivities begin after 5 p.m. Prestige is located at 9100 Centennial Circle, next to Centennial Park. For more information, call 907-333-8100.


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