If you're looking to save on heating your home this winter, the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation has a few recommendations for things you can do right now, like checking for air leaks and sealing them up. 

"You can get so much done over a weekend with a caulking gun and some insulation," said Betty Hall, an energy information specialist with AHFC. 

Hall recommends checking your attic and crawlspace to ensure insulation hasn't been blown around and that it's spread out properly. AHFC also suggests checking your overhead light fixtures and power outlets

"That's a very easy thing to do," Hall said. "You get a little screw driver. The local hardware stores sell these foam gaskets, and you just slide them right in there and screw it back up and you're good to go. And that stops quite a bit of air leakage."

Hall also recommends a draft stopper underneath outside-facing doors. 

"Even rolling up a towel can be something easy to do," Hall said.

If you're really serious about making your home more energy efficient, you might consider getting an energy audit. AHFC's website has a list of energy raters and inspectors.

One thing a home inspection can help determine is whether it may be time to change out an old heating system. 

"If you've got a heating system that's 60% efficient, what that means is for every $100 you're spending for fuel, $60 dollars heats your house and $40 goes right up the chimney," Hall said. 

Hall also teaches a class called Secrets and Science of Energy Efficiency. The free course is next scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 5 from 6-8 p.m. at AHFC's Boniface Parkway location. 

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