Whether dressed up as a ghost, pumpkin, superhero or cartoon character, trick-or-treating in Anchorage usually requires some serious under layers to keep warm along with snow boots, gloves — and for most — a hat. But how often does Halloween come with snow? It's actually rarer than you might think. 

Snow on the ground

Typically by this point in the season, Anchorage has seen about 8 inches of snow but out of the last 66 years, only half of those had any measurable snow on the ground.

The deepest snow we've ever seen on Halloween was back in 1996. That was the only year when trick-or-treaters had to trudge through more than a foot of snow. The last time we had any snow on the ground was back in 2015 when 3 inches had accumulated and stuck around for Halloween night. 

Snow falling

It's even more rare to see any measurable snow falling on Halloween. For all the kids under 18, they've only seen accumulating snow on Halloween two times.

Out of the last 66 years, only 10 have come with new snowfall. The last time we saw measurable snow falling on Halloween was 8 years ago in 2011. That year we picked up 2.3 inches on Oct. 31.


Halloween might not be known for being overly snowy, but it is usually quite cold. The average high temperature on Halloween is 33 degrees and the average low is just 21. The temperature dropped below freezing on Halloween 50 out of the last 66 years, including two times when we dropped below zero, back in 1961 and 1956. 

2019 will likely be the warmest Halloween on record since 2013 as temperatures climb into the mid-40s. That's only happened half a dozen times on record, including in 1969 when the temperature reached 50 degrees on Oct. 31.

Halloween 2019

The chances of us seeing any snow this Halloween are close to zero. There is a slight chance for a little light precipitation, but it will likely fall as all rain as temperatures will hold in the mid 40s through the afternoon, only dropping to the low 40s after the sun sets. 

Despite technically getting snow about two weeks ago, it vanished almost as fast as it fell and we haven't seen any since. Although there's only a 50/50 chance for snow on the ground on Halloween in Anchorage, this will be one of only 11 years on record with this little snow by the end of October. 

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