President Donald Trump says Gov. Mike Dunleavy is being treated unfairly by Democrats.

In a tweet posted Wednesday morning, the president voiced his support for Dunleavy and said the effort to recall the governor is "hurting a very good hard-working man."

Dunleavy has been making waves nationally, providing an exclusive interview on Breitbart as well as appearing on Fox News. The governor also published an opinion piece on the news network's website about a trade deal between the U.S., Mexico and Canada.

The president says the governor has "fulfilled every one of his promises." He denounced the Recall Dunleavy campaign and included a link to Stand Tall With Mike, a website where people who support the governor can donate to their campaign.

"Stand Tall With Mike is a grassroots group of Alaskans who need your help to fight back against the Special Interests that seek to thwart Mike Dunleavy’s fiscally conservative agenda at every turn," the website reads.

The campaign to recall Dunleavy began in August, and the group submitted over 49,000 signatures to the Division of Elections in September. Recall supporters said they were worried the governor's budget cuts would put the state in an economic crisis that would take years to recover from.

The governor defended the cuts in a video posted on social media where he also confirmed he would not veto the budget put forward by the Legislature at the end of the second special session in August.

"I believe, and still believe, that in order for this discussion to be taken seriously we have to show Alaskans exactly what our fiscal situation looks like and what it will take to solve it," he said. "Alaskans need to understand we can no longer afford to spend at our current rates."

The Division of Elections has not yet announced if they have certified the signatures submitted by the Recall Dunleavy campaign. If the division approves, members will need to collect more than 71,000 signatures before a recall election could happen.

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