A superior court judge paved the way forward for a group seeking to reform Alaska's elections, overturning a decision by the Alaska Division of Elections.

Last week, backers of the three-part plan appeared in court to argue that Lt. Gov. Kevin Meyer wrongly deemed it violated single-subject law. The group — known by the moniker Alaskans for Better Elections — said the three changes they want all work together.

The initiative seeks three changes:

  • Primary elections would become non-partisan elections;
  • Alaskans votes would rank the candidates rather than select one;
  • Eliminate dark money from independent expenditure with tighter disclosure restrictions.

On Monday, Judge Yvonne Lamoureux issued a summary judgement in favor of the group.

"The Court orders that 19AKBE does not violate the single-subject rule in the Alaska Constitution and should accordingly be certified, and the Defendants must distribute petition signature booklets immediately by order of this Court," the document reads.

The group will now need 28,501 signatures from registered voters, which have to be submitted before the Legislature gavels on Jan. 21, 2020, if it wants to get on the November ballot.

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