After reporting a wait of 10 months or longer for most police reports, the Anchorage Police Department says the public can access information on certain car accidents in a matter of days.

Earlier this week, KTVA reported on a man who thought it might take several weeks to get a police report on a car accident. David Auman, from Eagle River, said he needed a report to start an insurance claim after he was injured when another driver ran into him. Auman showed up at APD on Wednesday and was able to get his report the next day.

Now, department officials are explaining how he got his report so quickly.

Anchorage police say people can access crash reports through a third party: LexisNexis. The public can go to APD's website and click on "Get a Crash Report" on the left side of the page. From there, people can access people APD collision reports through LexisNexis through its search function.

The department says accident reports are readily available in most cases because they are easily redacted. Records officials say information such as someone's birth date and social security number are automatically removed with the help of technology.

"It is for collision reports except if there's a pedestrian involved, a fatality or if a criminal charge has been pressed. So if it involves one of those things you cannot get a collision report," said records manager Jennifer Leneave.

The department says crash reports are also easier to release with LexisNexis because the names of adult drivers are releasable as opposed to the name of a victim in a suspected crime, which would be redacted and takes time.

"We are going to protect the victim's information," Leneave said.

Leneave says APD crash reports are already redacted when they are sent to LexisNexis. 

With the help of technology, police say they're currently working to make the records system more efficient. The department says staff are trying to get through 3,000 police reports currently.

"Frankly our records manager has put a lot of effort into streamlining the process," said APD Chief Justin Doll.

Doll says he hopes to eventually get police reports to the public in five to seven business days, but says that effort may take a year or two.

Auman says police showed him how to access his collision report through LexisNexis when he showed up at APD on Wednesday. Auman says he was able to send off the report to begin his insurance claim.

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