A Fairbanks man has been sentenced to serve over seven years in federal prison for selling a large amount of "pure" methamphetamine while on supervised release for another crime.

Christopher Thomas Howard, 33, was on supervised release from a 2012 sentence for being a felon in possession of a firearm and attempted distribution of large quantities of cocaine and crack cocaine during the time he was selling meth, according to a release from U.S. Attorney for the District of Alaska Bryan Schroder's office.

The release states Howard sold over 5 grams of "pure" meth to someone twice in 2018. In the beginning of 2019, Howard sold the meth to the same person a third time, increasing his distribution to over 50 grams.

Howard told the person "the meth was pure and not cut" and he'd be getting more soon. According to the release, lab reports showed the meth from the last buy was 98% pure.

"The government argued that even relatively small amounts of meth can have disastrous impacts on Fairbanks and rural communities due to the smaller population and higher rates of drug abuse and addiction," the release states. "Five grams of meth in Fairbanks harms a disproportionately larger segment of the population and is further amplified when the meth is pure."

Howard was sentenced to serve 87 months for distributing close to 75 grams of the "pure" meth. The release states the judge on the case cited Howard's criminal history in justifying the sentence.

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