Anchorage Assemblyman Christopher Constant joined KTVA 11's Daybreak to talk about Tuesday's agenda and respond to the mayor's State of the City address.

Mayor Ethan Berkowitz delivered his State of the City address Monday. He discussed a dramatic cut in car thefts, reductions in vandalism and burglary and also expressed the need for the Anchorage community to come together to combat sexual assault and domestic violence.

"I think that he is on point," Constant said. "We’ve been working hard on the crime issue, we’ve pushed the curb down on car thefts. Although it’s still happening, I have a friend who had her car stolen this week and so we have work yet to do. I think we have been working hard on, not just the existential pieces of our city, but the aspirational goals and I look forward to the next year or two of working more on our vision.”

Constant also discussed some of the things on Tuesday's agenda, including:

•     A marijuana business license approval for a property that falls within 200 feet of a place of worship

“It’s an interesting conversation. It’s pretty technical and we will be working through the details of when applications were made, is it a protected use and how does the code actually work, or not. Because this will be the first time the question has been raised since the industry’s been legalized. And so now we’re looking closely at how it actually works, which is always a challenge."

"We have different codes for the downtown and the rest of the city, it’s called ‘old code’ and ‘new code.’ And we‘re in the process of revising the 'old code' to merge it into the 'new code,' and so in that process we will answer a lot of these questions. But yes, that leaves both of these operators in a position where they’re wondering what the answer is and ultimately the assembly is the policy setting body of the city and that’s where it’s going to be decided.”

•     A rate hike for customers of Solid Waste Services

“A lot of people will remember we had a 5% increase last year and we have one this year. And it’s very likely for the next three years we will have a similar increase because for about 12 years we didn’t have any price increases, and the consumer price index has just continued to go up. Costs get more expensive. Everything is more expensive and so the utility has to pay for itself and at this point it’s been operating in the red for a number of years. We’re looking at subtle increases going from, say, $19 to $20 a month for your 32-gallon trash can. And probably, as terrible as it sounds to folks, we’re going to see this conversation for the next couple of years.”

The assembly meeting begins at 5 p.m. and takes place at the Loussac Library. Visit the municipality's website to see the complete agenda.

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