There's a new apple coming to stores, but this one won't make calls or connect you to the internet. This new apple is the kind you can eat.

The new variety is called the Cosmic Crisp because of the starburst-like skin. Growers hope consumers will think the taste is out of this world.

“It’s really sweet. It’s juicy, but it’s got a little bit of that tart kick to it as well, I think,” says Justin Whitman, the area manager at Washington Fruit and Produce.

The Cosmic Crisp won’t start hitting stores until Dec. 1. It’s a cross between the popular Honeycrisp apple and another that is disease resistant.

The Cosmic Crisp was developed by researchers at Washington State University. Farmers say it stays fresh longer than other varieties. Dave Allan from Allan Brothers Fruit says, “It stores a long time. It doesn’t brown very much and it’s a very delightful apple.”

Whitman adds, “It’s good for growers. It tastes good. It’s got a lot of benefits for storing, so hopefully that means consumers will get the best product available.”

A limited amount of the new apple is being grown right now. But for customers that want to eat an apple a day, production of the cosmic is supposed to skyrocket over the next few years.

Even though Washington State grows most of the apples sold in the U.S., the Cosmic Crisp is the first apple ever bred in the state.