Over the weekend, many residents living near Rocky Mountain Court in Northeast Anchorage were surprised to find their vehicles spray-painted with red paint, had their tires slashed or both. 

"This is my sister's car," Talo Talo said. "It's got a flat tire and then the side right here, somebody painted it."

Security cameras were able to capture what happened.

A single individual, which appears to be a male wearing a hoodie, is seen in the video spray-painting Talo's sister's vehicle, slashing the back driver's side tire, then hiding when headlights appear. When the car leaves, the person continues on their path of destruction.

Not only was Talo's sister's vehicle hit, but his brother's as well.

"They just came in the morning and they see this," Talo said. "They tried to find out what happened. Then they walked around the street, the whole block right here. There's a couple more cars around here got hit."

One of those cars belongs to Shawna Lindsay. Both sides of her white vehicle were spray-painted with red lettering and her front passenger side tire was cut.

"I was actually taking a shower and then I heard my roommates run out and say the cars got vandalized," Lindsay said. "So I came outside when I got done. I saw the spray paint; my tire was flat."

According to the Anchorage Police Department, officers responded to reports of vehicle vandalism on the 5700-block of Rocky Mountain Court at 8:26 a.m. on Sunday.

"Officers saw 10 vehicles that had been spray-painted," APD wrote in an email. "Seven of those vehicles also had their tires slashed."

Despite the vandalism, the people in the community are surprisingly optimistic.

"I was going to try to get the paint off myself," Lindsay said. "I needed new tires anyway, so I'll just get new tires."

Miranda Evon who is staying a few apartments down from Lindsay had the same attitude. 

"My car, there's nothing written on it, just a popped tire," Evon said. "I have a spare so it's fine."

The community is taking what happened in stride and not letting what happened keep them down. Police say no arrests have been made at this time.

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