Although not record-breaking, temperatures across Southcentral continue to remain well above average. Afternoon highs have been climbing in the mid 40s across the region, despite our average high during this time of the year in the 30s. While cooler weather does look possible over the coming days, we'll still be in the 40s for highs. While there will be a few chances for some rain showers in the forecast, the going trend suggests that many nights won't even dip below freezing. 

Through tonight into Sunday morning, remaining moisture pushing through the valley could bring a brief shot of a wintry mix to areas as far north as Talkeetna. Most locations though will remain on the drier side. Lingering moisture is also evident along coastal regions, with some isolated to scattered showers remaining in the forecast into Sunday. Even with the northeasterly winds that we'll see through the night, cloudy skies will prevent temperatures from dropping below freezing for the Anchorage Bowl. It's likely that many areas will hover near if not above freezing into Sunday morning. 

This pattern will persist over the coming days, with a shot at some rain showers arriving by Monday. While the odds of seeing a wintry mix are low with this system (outside of higher elevations), we could see a few flurries mixed in. The bigger system looks to arrive Wednesday, as a strong storm moves in from the southwest. This storm which is set to rapidly strengthen Tuesday night as it moves west will likely bring significant rain to Southcentral. It's too early too tell if we'll see any significant wintry precipitation with this event, but it's looking more and more likely this will be a rain and wind event. This comes as a warm tropical air noses its way into Southcentral.

It's highly likely that we'll close out the rest of October with temperatures remaining in the 40s as the unseasonably warm weather continues. 

Have a great Sunday!

-Meteorologist Aaron Morrison