It's never too early for a Halloween party. On Friday at Providence Hospital, health care workers and families got in on the action.

This party was a special opportunity set up just for children who are patients and their families. It was hosted by the hospital with Spirit Halloween, a national costume chain, and its Spirit of Children program

"Many of our patients wouldn't be able to celebrate Halloween in any normal way without this party," said Marian Giannulis, the Children's Miracle Network director at Providence. "It's so, so special for them when they're spending the holiday season in their hospital beds to be able to come here and have a Halloween party and have a costume and get dressed up and just get to be a normal kid for an afternoon instead of a kid who's in a hospital." 

The program is national, with Spirit Halloween hosting around such 100 parties across the country. Started in 2007, the program has raised more than $55 million for children's hospitals in the U.S. 

All of the money collected by Spirit of Children goes to the local children's hospital where the donation was made. The program has raised over $170,000 for Children's Hospital at Providence. Grants from Spirit of Children have also made it possible for the hospital to hire additional staff, purchase educational toys and create dedicated playrooms.

Donations for the program can be made online at or in store at a nearby Spirit Halloween location.

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