No one likes to see garbage where it doesn’t belong but people who live in the Stuckagain Heights neighborhood say it turns up all the time in neighboring Far North Bicentennial Park.

“We really feel that Bicentennial Park is special,” said long-time resident Margaret Nelson. “So it feels like someone’s dumping garbage in your backyard.”

Nelson said people have dumped all manner of appliances, furniture and other items in the park — often in the dead of night. On Sunday night, someone dumped a large load of broken asphalt at a pullout in the park. Nelson said it was the second time it happened in a month.

“It really looks like maybe a contractor is saving a few bucks and they are dumping a big pile of their garbage in our park,” she said.

Josh Durand, superintendent for Anchorage Parks and Recreation, which is tasked with the cleanup, said it’s the kind of thing they deal with several times a year.

“We are really seeing larger things like that limited to about four times a year,” said Durand. “Things where we have to bring dump trucks there to take care of it.”

Durand said the city spends about $25,000 annually to pull illegally dumped items out of public parks. He added that crews try to respond quickly when they get reports.

By Friday morning, the huge pile of asphalt was gone. Durand said that particular cleanup cost the city somewhere between $3,000–$4,000.

Margaret Nelson was glad to see the pile go, but also wondered about the cost.

“It’s just really frustrating that our people are having to spend money cleaning up other people’s garbage,” she said.

Nelson said it’s hard to imagine why someone would want to trash such a beautiful place.

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