Looking at the radar, it looks strikingly similar to what we saw Thursday morning. However, the outcome of the day will be drastically different. We will stay warm, but clouds and even a few showers are expected to develop later in the day. 

Clouds moved in overnight and will last through the day, peeks of sunshine from behind the clouds will be about the most we get. A storm over the northeastern Gulf will push moisture into much of Southcentral. And to help that moisture spread across the region is a little wave of energy east of Kodiak. What that means for you is a little mist or light drizzle to start the day then a break then showers developing later in the evening. 

The real showers will develop after the sun sets on the workweek. That gives temperatures the opportunity to climb to the low-40s by the afternoon before the rain starts. The warmer temperatures will keep the precipitation as rain in town, but higher elevations have the potential to see a little snow as temperatures drop into the 30s overnight. 

The showers taper off early Saturday. Then clouds will slowly start to break. By about 4 p.m. we will see a few peeks of sunshine in the Anchorage bowl. One the clouds break, the weekend actually looks to be a pleasant one. Temperatures in the low-40s each day and a little sunshine each afternoon!

If you have any yard work to get done before the snow flies, this weekend is a great opportunity. This next week welcomes 2 normals for Anchorage. First, it is typically the week of the year we see the first snowstorm of an inch or more. Second, it is also home to the day that we normally see temperatures below freezing all day long! 

Happy Friday Everybody!
-Meteorologist Jeremy LaGoo