Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport is looking to hire about 10 more snowplow operators for this season. 

Rodney Davis is one person who already has the job cleaning up the runways. Right now, he's doing some training before the snow really starts to fall. 

"We do not close this airport, no matter what the weather is," Davis said.

The airport is looking for more people like him.

"Anybody with a good attitude who's willing to work in a dynamic environment, run cool machines, be around airplanes all the time — those are the type of people we want," Airfield Maintenance Manager Zaramie Lindseth said.

The job can be challenging due to around the clock operations during winter, but the wages aren't bad.

"The starting pay for an equipment operator right now is about $23.60 an hour," Lindseth said.

Davis says there is one other perk to his job.

"You get to see the snow go away. You make it go away; you make it not be a problem," Davis said.

Read more about airport job opportunities on the state's website

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