Anchorage alone has hundreds of parks, and now, there's an easy way to get to know them. The Anchorage Park Foundation has just rolled out a new playground guide that includes a checklist of park features. 

The booklet notes Dave Rose Park Playground includes equipment that's appropriate for children ages 2–5, while Balto Seppala Park's playground is designed for older kids. 

"It's almost like a brochure," explained Beth Nordlund, executive director of Anchorage Park Foundation.

It also indicates which type of turf each playground has and gives it an "inclusive play" score — with "Level 1" being the best.

"That means everyone can play on that playground, including kids with disabilities," said Nordlund, adding this also includes grandparents, parents and caregivers that may have mobility issues.

Nordlund notes that some of the newer, rubber playground turf is designed to make rolling a wheelchair around equipment easier than over wood chips. 

"What we've also found is that parents and grandparents come all the way into the playground and play," Nordlund said.  

The printed version of the guide also includes information about special features such as seating areas, sledding hills and skating at parks around town. It even notes that South Anchorage Sports Park Playground has a fenced dog park available. 

Anchorage Park Foundation has also announced new playgrounds coming soon, one of which is an indoor playground at the Fairview Recreation Center. Nordlund says the indoor park should be open to the public around Thanksgiving. 

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