For the lower elevations of Anchorage and much of the Kenai Peninsula, the first snowflakes of the season were spotted Wednesday morning and continued as a wintry mix off and on for most of the day. 

0.2 inches of snow was recorded at the Anchorage National Weather Service office between 4 and 10 p.m. Wednesday making this the first day of official snowfall! October 16th is the average first day of snowfall for Anchorage, but it hasn't happened this early since 2015.

Despite snow being officially on the books now, it's not quite a winter wonderland just yet. Temperatures are hovering right above freezing and we're continuing to see a wintry mix across the city. Any snow that did accumulate in town will quickly melt Thursday as temperatures return to the 40s.

Some parts of town got a dusting to a quarter of an inch, but for most of Anchorage, it was a wintry mix of snow, rain, and sleet. For us to see snow, the entire column of air between the clouds and close to the ground has to be below freezing. If there are any layers that are above freezing, the snowflakes will either partially melt, giving us a snow/rain mix, completely melt giving us rain or melt and then re-freeze, giving us sleet. Today Anchorage got to see all of the above while more snow fell in the higher elevations. 

This storm is headed south and that means most of us will return to dry weather Thursday after the wintry mix comes to an end Thursday morning. Temperatures will fall below freezing overnight, so be prepared for some slick roads, but highs will return to the low to mid-40s. 

Dry weather continues most of Friday, but we'll see another chance for a wintry mix Friday night.  

Drive safe!
-Chief Meteorologist Melissa Frey