An updated webpage by the Alaska Department of Public Safety encourages anyone to come forward and help solve outstanding cold cases.

The Cold Case Investigation Unit website changes went live on Monday, according to a statement from Alaska State Troopers. The website is part of an effort by the department to help better inform the public about cold cases and missing person investigations.

"In a sense, we're offering this revamped webpage as a call to action," said Colonel Barry Wilson, Director of the Alaska State Troopers. "We're hoping the public will be inspired to get involved and help put more of these cases to rest. Any new information, DNA as a family member or dental records which may be matched to newly or previously discovered remains that have gone unidentified, can bring closure to an investigation."

The page lists names of victims from unsolved homicide cases and people who went missing for unknown causes.

CCIU was established in 2002 to investigate unsolved cases that date back to 1961.

DPS says with the advancement of DNA technology, the unit and the Missing Persons Clearinghouse were able to solve homicides and missing person cases by working with victims’ families who gave DNA samples to authorities.

Recent developments in cold cases include the arrest of Steven H. Downs for the 1993 murder and sexual assault of Sophie Sergie and the arrest of Donald F. McQuade for the 1978 sexual assault and murder of Shelley Connolly.

DNA also helped identify remains found in 1995 as Ronald Oquilik who went missing in 1987.

CCIU is overseen by the Alaska Bureau of Investigation. More information on the CCIU and ongoing investigations can be found on their website.

Relatives of missing persons are encouraged to contact troopers with information or provide DNA samples.

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