As temperatures continue to drop across the 49th state, our precipitation will begin the transition from rain over to snow in Southcentral. As temperatures hover around freezing, precipitation will fall as rain, snow, and everything in between. And that all starts on Wednesday. 

As Chief Meteorologist Melissa Frey put it:

October is the month when it becomes normal to be below freezing for most of the day. Our average high temperature has dropped from the upper 40s to the low 40s over the last two weeks and will continue to drop to the low 30s by the end of the month.

The main driver of the temperature drop is the loss of daylight. October boasts the most daylight loss of any month of the year. We will see just 10 hours of it on Wednesday. 

That will help temperatures stay cool enough that our precipitation on Wednesday will run the gambit. Starting as flurries in the morning, we will watch it transition to sleet then a light drizzle in the afternoon. 

Temps stay in the 30s all day long. From the low-30s in the morning to the upper-30s in the afternoon, all of what falls around town will start as snow over our heads. But as it makes the journey from the clouds overhead to the ground at our feet, the warmer temperatures near the surface will start to melt the falling snow as we get into the latter half of the day. 

The precip tapers off this evening, and as it does so— temperatures will slip back to the low-30s early Thursday morning. We stay dry Thursday with temps in the low-40s. 

The chance of a little precip returns Friday. With temperatures a little warmer than Wednesday, the odds are favoring rain over snow to round out the workweek. But don't expect much either way, the disturbance is weak and doesn't look to offer much moisture. 

This is about exactly what we should be seeing in terms of weather this time of year. A little more moisture would be about the only difference. 

That means colder days are on the way and soon we will be talking about snow instead of a wintry mix. 

-Meteorologist Jeremy LaGoo