A pair of storms surrounding Alaska will remain far from land but still impact the weather around the state in the coming days.

 The storm to the west is bringing powerful wind to western Alaska, prompting high wind warnings and watches. Wind gusts will top 60 miles per hour at times, even approach hurricane force in areas. That is plenty strong enough to cause damage. 

The storm in the northern Pacific already brought heavy rain and strong wind to Southeast Alaska. It will keep rain in the forecast for Southeast in the coming days and even bring the chance of a wintry mix to Anchorage Wednesday.

Clouds build through the day on Tuesday. The clear sky that started the day stuck around just long enough to allow temperatures to drop into the 20s on the west side of town, teens on the east side. By the afternoon clouds take over, keeping temperatures a little cooler in the afternoon. We'll top out near 40 and stay dry on Tuesday. 

Most of the moisture stays closer to the coast, there just isn't enough energy to get the rain and snow up and over some of the mountains. 

Wednesday is a different story. A weak little disturbance scooting across Southcentral will see some enhancement from the storm over the Northern Pacific. That puts a chance of a light wintry mix in the forecast for Anchorage to start the day. Not enough to stick (accumulate) by any means, but many of us could see our first snowflakes of the season. Even if it is a dense, fast-falling flake— I'm going to count it. 

Temperatures will stay in the 30s Wednesday, keeping any precipitation that does occur as either snow or a wintry mix. 

We'll dry out Thursday, holding onto the clouds. Temperatures will stay near 40 degrees. 

Our next chance at a little precip arrives Friday. At this point, the storm is still pretty far out but something worth keeping an eye on as it draws closer. 

These next few days of weather are about as seasonal as what we've seen in quite some time. Temperatures will hover within a few degrees of where they should be this time of year.

Even more interesting is the snow. Our normal first accumulating snow of the year is on the 16th of October. That's tomorrow. There is a chance of a wintry mix, but not enough to accumulate— so we likely won't see that official first snow of the season. 

Colder temperatures stick around in the coming days, so get ready for snow— at this rate, it'll happen before too long. 

-Meteorologist Jeremy LaGoo