The U.S. Coast Guard is experiencing radio outages throughout Southeast Alaska.

A release from the guard said the VHF-FM outages means Coast Guard Sector Juneau personnel may not be able to hear or respond to distress calls on channel 16.

Waterways impacted by the outages include the Gulf of Alaska between Yakutat and Sitka, Cross Sound, Peril Strait, Hoonah Sound, Southern Chatham Strait, Sumner Strait, the waters surrounding Zarembo Island and the west side of Prince of Wales Island.

The guard said all mariners planning on being on the water in these areas should have another way to communicate in an emergency. This might include:

•     Cellphone, when in range
•     Satellite phone
•     High frequency radio communications on 4125 kHz, 6215 kHz and 8291 kHz
•     EPIRBs or personal locating beacons
•     Satellite messengers

The Sector Juneau Command Center can be reached at 907-463-2980.

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