Lyutyik, the 19-year-old polar bear at the Alaska Zoo, has died after two months of being treated for an unknown medical condition.

Alaska Zoo Executive Director Pat Lampi said last week that Lyutyik — also known as "Lyu" — was moved from his usual habitat for monitoring after caretakers noticed he was lethargic and not eating.

On Monday, the Alaska Zoo posted to their Facebook page announcing Lyu's passing. The bear had been living at the zoo since 2006.

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"Having been receiving medical treatment over the last two months, Lyu passed away late yesterday," the post reads. "An evaluation following his death revealed a mass around and in one of his kidneys, something that often goes undetected in animals so large as Lyu. A more comprehensive pathology review is in progress."

According to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, the average lifespan of a polar bear is 25 years.

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