Alaska State Troopers say a fatal crash happened at milepost 66 Saturday around the Hope cut-off where roads were icy and slick.

To help keep Alaskans safe when they come across similar road conditions, the troopers have winter weather driving tips for the upcoming season.

State trooper Tim Lewis patrols the Glenn Highway and says one thing he looks out for is tailgaters.

"This is during daylight hours, highway's dry, ideal conditions," Lewis said. "Imagine if it's raining, imagine if it's snowing, and there's snow and ice on the road."

He says drivers should travel at least two seconds behind the vehicle in front of them.

"Eleven car lengths of your sized vehicle, 11 and a half car lengths is how far back you should be," Lewis said. "That seems like a long ways, but at 65 mph, you can cover that really quick."

Plenty of drivers use their headlights during the day, and Lewis says that's a good idea especially with winter approaching.

"Other vehicles see you a lot better with your headlights on, and I think it's a good practice, a good habit to have," he said.

Another piece of advice the troopers have is to use turn signals well in advance of your turn.

"You see people, especially changing a lane, they maybe flick on their turn signal right as they're doing the maneuver. That doesn't really allow a lot of reaction time for other drivers to compensate for what you're doing," Lewis said.

The troopers also recommend reducing driving speeds, to drive according to road and weather conditions, and to remember that posted speed limits are for dry pavement.

For more winter weather driving tips, visit the Department of Transportation and Public Facilities website.

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