Frost was abundant this morning, as temperatures plummeted well into the 20s. It was the coldest start to a morning for many across Southcentral since March or April, depending on location. Thanks to high pressure, sunny skies are not only leading to chilly mornings but paving the way for gorgeous afternoons. As dry air continues to funnel into the valley and Anchorage Bowl, we'll once again see another cold night for Southcentral. Dewpoints will drop well into the teens and lower 20s for us, which means overnight lows will be a few degrees cooler. It's likely that many will wake up Monday morning with temperatures hovering in the low to mid 20s. Frost is once again possible for the morning commute, so keep those scrapers handy if your vehicles are out in the elements. 

We'll continue to see sunshine to start off the week, however a few more clouds will be on the increase. This comes ahead of a developing low in the Gulf of Alaska and the remenats of Typhoon Hagabis impacting the Aleutians. While we are expected to remain on the dry side, we will gradually see clouds steadily increase to mostly cloudy by Wednesday. 

Any precipitation chances looks meager over the coming days, however it's not out of the realm of possibility to see some snow flurries late Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. This comes as a system pushes in over the Chugach Mountains. Should it stay strong enough as it moves into Anchorage, we could see some flurries down to sea level.

Outside of Wednesday's brief chance for precipitation, the rest of the week looks dry and cool. Afternoon highs will top out in the lower 40s, with overnight lows near freezing.

Have a great start to your week!

-Meteorologist Aaron Morrison