For many weeks snow has blanketed some mountaintops, while those of us at ground level await the first snow of the season. For many that occurred this morning, as snow levels dropped to their lowest level so far this season. All across Southcentral many woke up to their first snow of the year, as snow was seen as low as Hillside, The Glenn Highway, and in Eagle River. While it wasn't significant snow totals, it was the first true taste of what many storms will bring through the coming months. 

The snow has tapered off as the system responsible for the snow pushes off to the east. However, enough moisture is still lingering that we could see flurries linger through midnight, with some potentially making it to sea level. Once the moisture truly exits to the southeast, colder and drier air will filter in from the northwest. This will erode the cloud deck and allow temperatures to bottom out below freezing. Because of this and the recent wet stretch, some areas could wake up to some isolated slick spots on roadways. The better chance for this will exist in higher elevations above 1000 feet, and as you head out towards the valley. This is areas where temperatures will have no trouble dropping into the 20s overnight. 

While it will be a chilly start to the day, Bluebird Skies make an appearance into the weekend. Snow will likely linger in the higher elevations, meaning this weekend is one to get outside and enjoy it. 

While Anchorage has yet to officially record any snowfall this season, our average first snow isn't until October 16th and with snow levels quickly falling, it's just a matter of time until we finally see some snow.

Have a great weekend!

-Meteorologist Aaron Morrison