The Alaska Democratic Party has endorsed independent candidate Dr. Al Gross for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Republican Dan Sullivan.

Three years ago, the ADP changed its rules allowing non-affiliated and undeclared candidates to run in the Democratic primary and secure the party nomination.

“Dr. Gross is a born and bred Alaskan who holds Alaskan values close. He has an understanding of Alaska and a commitment to our people that we have never seen from Dan Sullivan,” said Casey Steinau, Alaska Democratic Party chair. “To Dr. Gross, Alaska comes first - always. It is a testament to his competence, his policies, and his dedication to the state that he has won our early endorsement. Dan Sullivan has proven time and again that his priority is simply being a yes-man for Donald Trump. Alaska deserves better than that.”

Gross is a commercial fisherman and orthopedic surgeon. He did not return a request for comment before the time of publication.

Should he win the nomination, it’s likely he’ll face off against Sullivan, who is completing his first term.

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