Isn't it weird how you read the word wind two different ways in the headline without having to look at it twice? Now that you read the headline again, you've got a pretty good grip on the forecast. 

Snow stuck in Eagle River, Hillside, out near Portage Valley, and in Whittier early Friday morning. But as you might expect, not everyone was exactly pleased about the whole ordeal. Just check out Stephanie Horton's dog in Eagle River to see what I mean. 

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As the sun came up around Southcentral, it was apparent that many got to see the first snow of the season. Even Hillside, right here in Anchorage received a nice coating to start the day.

As the storm moves out, conditions will improve across Southcentral. Mostly dry weather will prevail through the second half of the day with but a few lingering showers, very isolated, in the afternoon. 

It's a similar story for Southeast. While rain will last through the day, wind will weaken, allowing high wind warnings to expire. 

For the Interior, snow will continue to fall through the day on Friday. Winter storm warnings and winter weather advisories remain in place for additional snow. South and East of Fairbanks will get 4 to 8 inches of snow. The Eastern Alaska Range and Denali will pick up a foot of fresh snow in areas. The Yukon Flats will receive between 4 and 6 inches of fresh snow. 

 By the time the sun comes up Saturday morning, it will be a different story of much of the state. 

High pressure takes over clearing skies and dropping temperatures for many. Saturday morning will be one of the coldest so far this season, with temperatures falling into the 20s for many. 

Despite ample sunshine, Anchorage will stay in the low-40s for high temperatures all weekend long. Overnight lows falling into the 20s each morning. 

Once the pattern sets up, we stay dry in the coming days. The next storm moving through stays a little too far south, meaning we see a little more cloud cover next week, but keep rain and snow out of the forecast. 

Enjoy the sunshine this weekend!

-Meteorologist Jeremy LaGoo