Update 1:40 a.m.:  Snow is now accumulating on the Anchorage Hillside, Eagle River, in the Portage Valley, through Turnagain Pass, and east of Palmer. Snow will continue for these areas overnight while the rest of Anchorage and Wasilla will see a wintery mix.  Most of the region will see temperatures near freezing overnight, but it'll be back to the 40s Friday afternoon. We'll also see drier conditions by mid-morning Friday with the exception of a few quick isolated showers. 

Back to back storms are keeping Southcentral, Southeast and the Interior under stormy conditions. 

Southcentral has been slammed with rain, many areas seeing half an inch to nearly three inches of rain over the past 36 hours. For the higher elevations, all of this moisture is coming down as rain. Check out the latest snow total for Hatcher Pass and why this year is different than last. 

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This storm is slowly moving east, and we'll see mostly dry conditions by Friday mid-morning, but the showers that do linger overnight and into the early morning will likely fall as a wintry mix for much of Southcentral. Temperatures are still in the upper 30s and low 40s as of 10 p.m. but will drop to the low to mid-30s overnight. This means the Anchorage and Eagle River Hillsides could see a quick shot of snow overnight and the lower elevations could see a rain/snow mix. 

Further north this storm continues to deliver heavy snow to much of the Interior. Winter storm warnings and advisories are in effect. You can see the expected snowfall totals below: 

For Southeast, this storm will bring both rain and wind. A high wind warning is in effect for the Gulf Coast. 

This storm will be east of Southcentral and the Interior by Saturday morning, and east of Southeast by Sunday and no other storms are on the way in the near future. This means mostly sunny, but chilly weather is on the way.

Temperatures will fall to the upper 20s overnight in Anchorage this weekend and early next week with highs barely reaching 40° in the afternoon. 

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