Lyutyik, the 19-year-old polar bear at the Alaska Zoo, is being treated for an unknown medical condition.

Alaska Zoo Executive Director Pat Lampi said Lyutyik, affectionately called Lyu for short, was moved from his usual habitat for monitoring after caretakers noticed he was lethargic and not eating.

"For the last two months, the Alaska Zoo has worked tirelessly alongside a dedicated team of veterinary specialists to improve Lyu's health," Lampi said in a Facebook post Thursday. "We'll continue to do everything possible."

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Lampi said that species preservation is one of the zoo's primary missions and working with Lyu "provides ecologists and biologists an opportunity to better understand polar bears, applying that knowledge to conservation efforts."

The zoo will provide updates on the polar bear's health and asks the community to keep him in their thoughts.

According to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, the average lifespan of a polar bear is 25 years.

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